Frequenty Asked Questions

- What makes a good 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle image?

Your image should be high resolution, in focus, well exposed, have lots of shapes or features, and should not be dominated by a single colour or tone.
If you have any technical doubts about the resolution or suitability of the image, we strongly recommend you take it to an expert (digital print-shop, professional photographer etc) for an opinion before ordering.


Easier Puzzle to put together:

This image has enough variety of color, textures, and shapes to keep you motivated and interested in successfully completing the puzzle.

Harder Puzzle to put together:

This picture will produce at least 600 pieces that have a very similar gray look and 300 pieces that all look green! Not a lot of fun for most of us!

- What proportions should my image be?

Your image should be the same proportions as a 35mm photo or a piece of A4 paper (it can be either landscape or portrait).
There will be some minor cropping, so vital bits of the picture should not go right to the edge of the image.

- What resolution should my image be?

In order for your puzzle to be decent image quality, your image needs to be 150 DPI at full size (full size is 702mm x 500mm)

- What does 150 DPI at full size mean?

If you have a postcard size image scanned at 150 DPI, it means that you will have 150 pixels in every square inch on the scanned image on your computer.
Simply increasing the size of the scanned image, from postcard size to the size required for your jigsaw puzzle will not increase the number of pixels in your image. All you are doing is increasing the physical size of each pixel; filling in the difference between the postcard size and the jigsaw puzzle size, giving you a grainy pixilated image that would look horrible as a jigsaw puzzle.

- If I am scanning my image, how should I setup the scan?

- Set the output size at 702mm x 500mm
- Set the scan resolution at 150 DPI
- Scan the image
- Save your scanned image in one of the formats accepted on the order upload page
(however to keep the file size small, we suggest you save it as a jpg).

- Can I use an image from my Digital Camera?

Yes, as long as your camera is at least 6MP (6 Mega Pixels) and you are taking the picture using the highest quality setting.
If your camera is below 6MP, the image will not be high enough resolution to make a sharp 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle at full size.

- How do I send you my image?

You can send us your image via upload during the order process.
Please make sure that your image is below the maximum file size, and is in one of the accepted image formats.
If you are trying to upload an image and keep getting errors, please email and we will help you to send us your image.

If you choose to send us a physical/hard copy of the image, please make sure it is no larger than A4 size.

- Where can I send physical images to?

Please use the address on our contact page to send us a physical/hard copy of an image.

- How is the puzzle packaged?

After the puzzle is cut and broken, it is put into polyurethane bag and heat-sealed.
The bagged puzzle is then placed in a solid white cardboard box with a lid.
An A4 size copy of the puzzle image is printed on the lid to help you put it all together again.
The box size is 350mm x 250mm x 35 mm (13 3/4" x 9 7/8" x 1 3/8") and the lid has a depth of 30mm (1 1/8").
The box is then enclosed in a sturdy five panel cardboard wrap for postage.

- What will be the delivery time?

From the time your order is confirmed and we have received your image, we will have your jigsaw puzzle ready for delivery to you within five working days.
We post worldwide using DHL Global Mail Priority Post, which delivers to your postal address.
DHL has a delivery time worldwide of 5-10 working days.

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